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Excelando helps organisations of all types and sizes, improve their business results by making data more accessible to business leaders.

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Excelando offers out of the box business analytics solutions which were developed for specific industries, roles, and business scenarios. Take a look at the real deal.

Excelando is a team of skilled and experience business analysts who were trained to become "super" analysts - which means they not only define the critical KPIs, but they also search for the data, load it, prepare it, analyse it and display. They DELIVER!

Excelando offers a set of comprehensive professional services and support offerings that focus on your success.

Applications and Solutions

Excelando's solutions have been developed to access the insights your company craves and help you overcome challenges specific for your organization. Each solution is tailor-made according to your specific business needs, and relies on hours of experience and proven success.

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Excelando offers a set of comprehensive professional services and support offerings that focus on your success. Staffed with industry-leading data professionals using best practice approach to make you a winner with daily data challenges. They will save you the time involved in producing and analyzing reports. Whether critical data analysis and monitoring, management presentations, bench marking and KPIs or any other data challenge, our team will feed you with business insights while on the go.

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About Us

We Love Data!

Established in 2013, Excelando's main objective was to provide BI to the masses and help managers overcome business challenges by making data more accessible.

We developed a new approach to BI which transforms the technical discussions to immediate value. The tools we created makes our customers better, by understanding their data better thus understanding their business better.

Excelando systems provide business insights to hundreds of executives from companies of different sizes. Our clients rely on the uncompromising professionalism of Excelando analysts and the advanced business tools we develop.

We help the best get better!

Among our Clients

Groundbreaking Technology

Power BI visualization capabilities make decision makers smarter, sense opportunities and identify critical business junctions.

Power BI

An innovative environment from Microsoft that presents and analyzes multi-dimensional data from diverse sources. When it comes to flexibility, speed, simplicity, distribution and cost-effectiveness, Power BI has the upper hand.



Powerful apps, along with an optimized mobile web experience, let you engage with the business and optimize anywhere.

Self Service BI

Find who and what you need faster, so you can reduce time to action.


Set up notifications to receive automatic alerts and updates.


Visuals that you can organize any way you want.

Complete data source suitability

No matter where your data is stored, we will work with you to get the results you need.

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Shahar Ben-Or

Project manager, Unilever, Israel

When we started the project with Excelando they said to me "tell us what your dream BI is, and we will fulfill it", I thought they were exaggerating, but in fact they have not only fulfilled it but have also upgraded our wildest dreams. Excelando has built us tools that really help us and improve the general culture of enterprise information and I believe there is a large expanse for development in other areas in our business. Excelando is a young and creative thinking company with open mindedness and an approach that everything possible.

Meir Shirazi

CEO, N.S.M Ltd

Imagine a world where you walk into the office, press a button or two and the whole business unfolds before your eyes, like a GPS. Today's data. From a month ago. Year. A week. You can see who you sold to, how many, why and how and whether you earned or lost. What's worthwhile and what isn't for the business. Which agent increased sales, which region decreased sales. which product is decomposing excess inventory in the warehouse and what must be urgently ordered. and how much to order, so not to order too much. All this and more, was required by Excelando to provide every morning before our eyes. All this and more we received! It works, it's incredible, an indispensable tool for any business manager!!! I highly recommend!!!

Idan Deshe


Excelando has been accompanying our company since it was established. As a young startup developing high-tech systems for wide distribution, we had to analyze the performance of different versions of the product during the development process, in order to gain insights for continuous improvement. For me, working with Excelando is a daily experience. The owners and employees are dedicated to the process and make every effort necessary to succeed. From day one, we received professional support that allowed us to manage a smart and efficient development process. There is no doubt that Excelando is a key player in smart business analysis using innovative, flexible and inexpensive tools.

Oren Yaron

Division Manager, Outsourcing, Ness Technologies

Ness has been working with Excelando for several years in the VBA field, especially with one of our major customers. Excelando provides customers efficient long term solutions,together with professionalism and great service, effective execution of projects, quality and customer satisfaction.

David Shulman

Advisor to the Board of Directors Chairman, Elite Sports Center

Excelando's capability in providing The Sport Centers' managers wide range of reports has enabled managers today to make real-time decisions, based on real-time data and facilitate the decision-making process drastically. The Excelando system enables managers to know everything on both the customer and the quality of the service given to the customer and thereby making the manager's life easier and simpler, helping them to succeed in their jobs. As the person who led the computerization project of Elite Sports Center, I highly recommend Excelando system.

Ami Katz

VP Operations and Engineering, Deselitech

Excelando has assisted Deselitech for more than a year. During this year we received a fast and personal service, aswell as creative technological solutions that have developed the analysis capabilities of our systems significantly.

Dotan Bartov

Esbeco, Israel

I think your system is very easy to work with, and displays data clearly. The system has become a very significant tool for me and for the company's CEO Oren. We use it constantly, on a daily basis. I am very pleased with the analyst we worked with, he has a strong service awareness, I feel very comfortable working with him. The guy is professional, and most importantly - a human being!!!! Give him a strong pat on the back, for me ... The Bottom Line is...... You guys ROCK!!!!!

Guy Giyur


After a year of working together I can summarize it in two main points (in order of importance): 1. Uncompromising service, the best out of all our service providers. Availability, tolerance and professionalism. 2. A customized system, according to the needs of our company and in accordance with the products we wanted to measure. We can catch up on our computer or mobile device at any given moment of time. Movements and volatility, aswell as export of creative reports with predefined graphs for reports or periodic summaries. We strongly recommend EXCELANDO, with all our heart...

Lindo Cohen Rofe

Strauss Group

We worked with Excelando on a dashboard project for our group. Excelando accompanied us with every detail, supported us with every request, showed infinite flexibility, and demonstrated very high professionalism. The eventual product received much praise and completely scored the target.

Yariv Benun


Analysis is one of the most important dimensions of global society, especially in a competitive environment. Excelando accompanied us with advice and helped us build a great business analysis tools. These tools allow us to see our business in a clearer and understandable way, and helps us to make right business decisions.