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Innovative data-focused management experience for quick insights, decisions, and immediate improvement for results. 

Thousands of business executives of all sectors and sizes are already using Elad Data's experts to do more

the organization's needs and can be easily accessed from your home computer or mobile device.Using the most advanced BI technology, Elad Data is also a Microsoft Gold Partner. We lead our clients to success: leading, analyzing, developing, integrating, predicting, and breaking new boundaries every day. Using the data in user-friendly applications, each user is granted a 360 image of their business; from here, the road to success is easy. Win the data game!
Elad Data was established to simplify business intelligence and BI, for the masses. Our intention is to help businesses and managers from any company, organization, sector, and size to work analytically and become more efficient. We joined Microsoft and educated the market to use innovative business tools that are not based on expensive software or technology experts. The information can come from any source, time, and quantity. Once the data arrives,it is analyzed according to the manager's and

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Experts in BI implementation, data analysis,
and management support

 Our analysts talk about KPIs and business processes and can turn any information from any source into a competitive advantage.

Elad Data systems operate on the most recent Microsoft Azure & Power BI environment 
BI products

Advanced business tools

Power BI

A collection of dashboards and inquiry screens for key challenges in businesses similar to yours. Significant savings in time and money 

BI projects

Tailored to your needs

Azure Data Platform

 Consulting services, architecture, training, "Best practice," development, and more. They are all running on the latest Azure & Power BI environment.

BI Strategy

Advanced analytics

Data Science

Advanced analytics-based solutions and AI and ML-based forecasting models. Essential for enterprise organizations and recommended for any business that wants to protrude  


For any sector, sny size

 Learn from success in similar businesses:

B2C Retail

The retail world had to experience a  significant change in recent years, especially  to online sales, which requires adjustments

Advanced Industries

The leading factories in Israel have joined us in the innovative technology for analyzing production lines as well as IoT and processes


The academia reinvents itself as a business and changes the product, the expertise, the discourse, the requirements from the lecturers and students

B2B - Wholesale, Importer

We have gained experience in the field of B2B by working with leading companies in the Israeli economy, through data analysis using BI tools

Real Estate

  The field of real estate has some big "sharks" which we are work with, that deal with analyzing entrepreneurship, construction and property management

Shipping and customs brokerage

We have accumulated our experience with customers in the field of logistics services in import, export and international trade

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יותר גמישים, יותר אג'יליים, יותר ויזואלים, יותר מומחים 

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    שיתוף מסכים מרחוק? פגישה אצלכם או אצלנו?

      שליחת הטופס מהווה הסכמה לקבלת מידע שיווקי מאקסלנדו

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