Innovative management
Get inspired by Power BI

Data driven management experience for improved results

Thousands of managers are using Excelando to take their business to the next level

Multiple source business insights

Regardless of the ERP / CRM the business uses – Smart business decisions are made with Excelando

Smart data-driven management

Improve business processes, achieve business goals and use your data to create a competitive advantage

Excelando systems operate in the most recent Microsoft Azure & Power BI enviornments 


BI products

Advanced business tools

BI products

A collection of business dashboards and analysis screens for understanding main business challenges similar to yours.

Leverage accumulated business knowledge, save time and money and drive your business forward. Today.

BI projects

BI - tailored to your needs

BI projects

BI projects department is ready to provide you with the most innovative and advanced BI systems, tailored for your business needs – end to end.

Consulting services, architecture, training, "Best practice", development and more, operating in the most recent Azure & Power BI environments.

Our solutions

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Our dashboard collection to excelerate your business

Get more from e-B2B clients

Much more than a CRM! Apps and Technological components to get extensive customer data and maximize profit potential

Auto-payment collection

A complete overlook on payments from customers. Send invoices and smart notifications based on AI

Inventory and procurement

Analyze inventory over time: Rapid inventory, sluggish inventory, inefficient inventory and purchasing recommendations

Maximize sales & profitability

Track changes and development over time on customer / branch / agent levels and compare with company goals

Customer and supplier portal

Access relevant and personalized information to secure customers / suppliers. Available on WEB and Mobile

Excelando analytics

The Research and Consulting Department accompanies decision-makers to streamline business processes and improve performance

Self-service BI course

Consulting, workshops and public courses for optimal implementation in Power BI

Customer club robot

Verstile segmentation of your customer base to maxmize and percise your marketing efforts and get improved results

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לתיאום הדגמה

שיתוף מסכים מרחוק? פגישה אצלכם או אצלנו?

שליחת הטופס מהווה הסכמה לקבלת מידע שיווקי מאקסלנדו